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Background and Experience

Maryland injury attorney Matthew Davey Attorney at Law shares his background and discusses why he chose to practice in personal injury law. To discuss your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Why Personal Injury?

I chose personal injury law as my career so that I would be able to help people. My sole purpose in practicing law is to help people recover from injuries that they sustained at the hands of someone else. My ultimate goal is to serve my client and return them to their way of life before the accident, if possible.

Law School

When I was in law school I knew that I wanted to practice in civil litigation. I knew that I wanted to have individuals, not corporations, as clients and I knew that I wanted to present their case to the court. After I graduated from law school, I knew that personal injury was the best fit for me because it gave me the opportunity to represent injured individuals and obtain the best results possible for them.

Past Experience

Previously, I practiced for eight years with an insurance defense firm in Maryland. There, I handled a large-volume of files on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds. This prior experience afforded me the opportunity to handle numerous personal injury claims. Evaluating claims helped me become familiar many of the issues that are present in most, if not all, of these types of lawsuits. This extensive experience allows me to advise my clients on their individual case in a fair and honest manner.

Trial and Courtroom Skills

In law school, I learned my trial-advocacy skills through mock trials where I was evaluated by practicing lawyers and judges. I continued that training through my prior work experience. Throughout the course of my career, I have regularly appeared in Circuit Court and District Court in Maryland as well as the Superior Court in the District of Columbia, and I have personally handled both jury and non-jury trials in both jurisdictions.

Mediation and Negotiation Skills

Mediation and negotiation play a big role in personal injury cases. For many reasons, a majority of personal injury cases settle before they go to trial. If a case is going to settle then it is really up to the attorney to negotiate a favorable settlement. I have honed my negotiation and mediation skills throughout the course of my legal career.

Since I began practicing in 2002, I have been involved in countless mediations in civil cases.  For the past eight years, I have attended many mediation sessions that involved the negotiations of personal injury cases.

The Value of Experience

When an attorney is experienced, he/she can provide the client with honest and realistic advice on the case. There are no classes or training sessions that can teach a lawyer to evaluate every aspect of the case and advise the client on the potential outcome. For example, a lawyer only knows what a jury in a particular jurisdiction is going to do with a particular case when the lawyer regularly practices in front of juries in that jurisdiction. If a lawyer simply settles cases, and does not appear in front of juries, than the lawyer is simply not as experienced as the trial lawyer. It is only that experience that allows the attorney to provide the client with a good and honest assessment of their case.