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Looking For An Attorney in Maryland

The following is taken from a transcript with a Maryland personal injury lawyer Matthew Davey as he discusses what you need to know when looking for an attorney. Call today to schedule a consultation.

When a person is looking for a personal injury attorney they should investigate that lawyer much like they would anything else, such as a repairman to work on their house or a car they want to buy. The client should be fully informed about the attorney and the types of cases that he/she regularly handles. The client should  be able to ask the attorney pointed questions about what to expect, how the attorney conducts his/her practice, and who exactly the client will be communicating with, whether it is a paralegal, another staff member, or the attorney.

Value of Achievements and Accolades

I think that when a person is looking for a personal injury attorney, the person should keep in mind the level of experience that particular attorney has. Oftentimes people are bombarded with advertisements or solicitations from a particular attorney. These may provide the person with some information about the attorney, but I think it is important for the client to really take a look at the specifics of that attorney.  Specifically, look at how often does the attorney practice in a particular jurisdiction,  the attorneys actual experience in handling these types of cases, not just years out of law school, among other things.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

A common mistake I have seen clients make in retaining attorneys is that they simply retain the first attorney with whom they meet. They find themselves in a situation where they need an attorney to help them through a situation, and they happen upon someone through referral from a friend or an advertisement, and they simply sign up with that attorney after a single consultation.

Oftentimes this initial meeting may not allow the client to fully understand the situation or get a good working relationship with the attorney. So I would encourage clients to consult with multiple attorneys before they make a final decision.

Hiring an Attorney Early in a Case

Hiring an attorney early on in the case is important because things can happen immediately after an accident which can be very important throughout the course of litigation.

For example, if a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident they may be contacted by an insurance company to give a recorded statement. If the person has already spoken with an attorney, they can discuss the process, how the recorded statement may be used at a later time, what types of questions may be asked and whether or not they are even required to provide the statement.

It is always important to consult with an attorney early on so the attorney can explain the process, including what likely will happen and answering any questions the client may have.

You Do Not Have to Wait Until Your Treatment is Over

People who suffer significant or catastrophic injuries can be in treatment for a long time. Even people who may think that they are fine immediately following an automobile accident may be in treatment for a long time, such as six to eight months.

It has been my experience that a lot is going to happen in terms of investigation by the insurance companies and all the other parties involved while treatment is going on.  Many things, like retaining an attorney, should not be left until treatment is finished because many other aspects of the case will be investigated before the treatment is complete.