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What to Expect From a Consultation

The following is taken from an interview with personal injury attorney Matthew Davey as he discusses what you should expect from your injury consultation.

First Things an Attorney Looks For

The first thing that I look at in a personal injury case is—who are the people involved? Many cases have a similar fact pattern, where somebody gets rear ended on a highway, or someone slips and falls in a busy restaurant. The thing that I look at first, however, is who are the people involved.

Once I have had an opportunity to really examine the case, then I am able to discuss the claim with my client. At that point, we can talk about any issues that may come up during the course of the case, the likely outcome of the case, and what the client should expect throughout the course of the claim. The nature of these cases changes throughout the entire claim process, so having a good, working relationship with the client is crucial to the success of these cases.

First Questions an Attorney May Ask

Well, there are a lot of questions that are asked during the initial intake. I typically ask a lot of background questions of my client in terms of who they are, where they are from, and what they were doing leading up to the accident.

Typically, I will allow the person to walk me through their explanation of the events, but I also like to delve deeper into the fine details of what exactly happened, whether there are any witnesses, among many other things. Then, we also walk through their medical treatment, how they are feeling, what their doctor says about their condition, and what the likely or expected time-frame is for recovery. So, I typically have a lengthy, initial conference with the prospective client where I try to cover as much ground as possible.

Questions to Ask an Attorney During a Consultation

It is important for the client to ask very straightforward questions. For example, it would be important for a client to ask how many times the attorney has handled a case like this; when was the last time the attorney handled a case like this in a particular jurisdiction, be it D.C., Maryland or Virginia; and whether the attorney can fully allocate all their time and resources to their particular case.

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