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Insurance Companies in Prince George’s County Car Accident Cases

I would tell them that if they feel that they want to pursue a claim against the other person that was also involved in the accident, then they should speak to an attorney before saying anything to an insurance company. The insurance company is looking out for their own best interests without a doubt. In Prince George’s County car accident cases, the insurance company is not there to help someone who is making a claim against them. In order to protect themselves fully, I would tell the person that they should not talk to the insurance company unless they retain an attorney. If they don’t want to retain an attorney, then I would tell them, by all means, speak to the insurance company and tell them how the accident happened. They should just keep in mind that anything they say can and will be used against them, so they have to be very careful about how they select their words.

If they don’t want to talk to an attorney for any reason, then I would try to tell them to be as clear as possible as to how the accident happened, for example, what lane they were in, what speed they were going, and how the other person is at fault. I would tell them to have a list of every doctor they went to, when they saw each doctor, and what treatment they received. They should document the accident scene, any damage to any of the vehicles involved, and any injuries they suffered as thoroughly as possible to support their claim that they were injured as a result of someone else’s actions. The more prepared someone is, the less they have to worry about.

Does someone need to advise their insurance company if they have been involved in an accident?

I think people should report any accident they are involved in because the personal injury protection benefits in the insurance policy will pay for medical treatment up to $2,500. It would be foolish for someone not to contact their insurance company, even if they weren’t at fault. Most people think that their rates will increase, but if they were not the cause of the accident, then their rates should not increase.

What should someone expect if they are going through the accident claims process for the first time?

It depends. They can expect to be grilled as to how the accident happened. If they come to our firm, they can expect to speak with an attorney who will listen to them and answer all of their questions. They will also need to obtain a thorough history of their medical treatment for the accident going forward and for any prior medical treatment that they received for any body parts that were injured as a result of the accident.

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