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How Prince George’s County Motorcycle Accidents Differ From Other Injury Cases

Although motorcycle accidents typically take place in similar fashion to regular car accidents, the extent of injuries and the way the accident came about often mean that filing a claim for a motorcycle accident is different than other injury cases. With this in mind, the following is information on how motorcycle accident cases in Prince George’s County differ from other types of cases and how this could impact your claim. To learn more or to begin building your case call and schedule a consultation with a Prince George’s County motorcycle accident lawyer today.

Motorcycle Accidents Vs. Other Injury Cases

The main difference is that motorcycles maneuver between cars and are less visible than cars. They also have less protection than cars because there is no steel frame surrounding the riders on the motorcycle and the rider is out in the open. Motorcycles are also less durable than cars because if two cars get into a fender-bender it might not be a bad accident, but if it is a fender-bender with a motorcycle, even just being tapped a little, there is a possibility that the motorcycle rider can either be ejected from the motorcycle or trapped under the bumper or the fender of the surrounding vehicles, and then that person could be dragged for some distance along the unforgiving roadway.

Someone in an accident like that could suffer road rash when thrown off the motorcycle and rubbed against the ground. It is really a dangerous game when a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a car. As one of the worst consequences, someone could be run over by another car that was not even involved in the initial impact. Motorcycle accidents can cause severe consequences and sometimes fatal consequences.

Difference in Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can involve much more significant injuries to the head and neck. People are more likely to be paralyzed or become paraplegic or quadriplegic as the result of a motorcycle collision. There are also motorcycle accidents worse than regular accidents between two cars because of the lack of protection motorcycles have.

Typically motorcyclists wear shoulder pads and some form of chest or internal organ protection in the event that they do fall or collide with something. Because a motorcycle is more likely than a car to be adversely affected by elements such as rain, a grease spill, or an oil spill on the road, where the motorcycle could lose control, extra care and caution should be taken when facing bad weather or road conditions. Thus, they may suffer injuries at a higher rate than people involved in car accidents. The injuries they sustain would also typically be more severe because the rider is less protected from the car that hit them as well as from other cars on the road. Instances of broken bones, torn discs or ribs, and similar injuries are much more prevalent in a motorcycle accident than in a car accident between two vehicles.

Frequency of Motorcycle Accidents

I do not know if they are more frequent than pedestrian accidents but if they are it may be because there are designated areas for pedestrians but not for motorcycles. For example, pedestrians have crosswalks and traffic lights where they can move freely without the expectation of being struck by a vehicle.

Motorcycles move with the traffic and are sometimes allowed to operate two abreast in the same lane of traffic. Some motorcyclists, in order to get through the traffic, go in between two parallel vehicles – which is dangerous – and when someone swerves or weaves then there are severe consequences. Most motorcyclists are respectful and vigilant and they are very conscientious when they ride their motorcycles. There are only a few people who weaving around cars, however a few apples spoil the bunch. Motorcycles can be dangerous if not treated with respect, but if controlled properly and responsibly then they are no more dangerous than cars.

Common Aspects of Motorcycle Accidents

Severe property damage is usually one of them, because when a motorcycle is struck by a car the motorcycle is usually either destroyed completely or damaged by being rubbed against the ground. Severe injuries to the person including head injury, loss of consciousness, and broken bones are very common. There is usually shock, trauma or some kind of intensive care or surgery for motorcycle injuries because of the severe extent of injuries that riders sustain.

Liability in PG County Motorcycle Cases

An accident can be a rear-end accident, it could be a T-bone accident, and it can be failure to yield or running a red light. It is the same mechanism as in car accidents but there is always an extra wrinkle for a motorcycle. An accident can happen as they try to pass around cars on the right or pass between cars while both cars are driving parallel to each other on the roadway. If a motorcycle does that, unfortunately it would appear the motorcycle was where it should not have been, it contributed to the accident, and more likely than not there would be some amount of contributory negligence for causing the accident and the injuries.

Typically if a motorcycle does go between cars parallel to each other, meaning that it is not in a lane but between two lanes, the person operating the motorcycle could be found liable for the accident and thus unable to recover for the injuries.