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Frequently Asked Questions: Prince George’s County Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and falls are categorized as premises liability cases. A slip and fall is tied to a premises whereas an automobile accident is tied to operation, ownership, and use of the vehicle.

What does premises liability mean?

Premises liability is tied to the maintenance, repair, or proper operation of a premises. Premises liability is applicable when someone is injured within, about, on, or adjacent to a premises, which could be either a building, sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, or plot of land. The law allows the plaintiff who is injured to hold the owner and/or the operator of the premises liable for their injuries because they have a duty to provide a reasonably safe area for people to walk through.

What other types of injury cases are premises liability cases?

There are snow and ice injury cases. There are also slip and falls on debris, garbage, or liquid substances. There are cases involving falling objects or broken steps. Anything that happens anywhere around, on, about, or adjacent to a premises could be classified as premises liability.

What are the most common scenarios where slip and fall accidents occur?

One of the most common scenarios is when someone slips on something that was either spilled or left on a floor. It could also involve walking up and down stairs where a stair is either broken, defective, crumbling, or in disrepair. It could be getting hurt in an elevator or getting hurt by a flying or falling object. It could be a situation where there is not enough light in a certain space and someone slips and falls or it could involve someone leaving something somewhere and another person trips over it. It could be a broken lock where someone breaks in and assaults someone. Anything that could be wrong with a building that led to someone being injured could fall under the umbrella of premises liability.

If an individual slips and falls on private property, do they have a case?

Yes, they have a case against the property owner, meaning the owner of the house or the landlord.

What are the most common injuries that individuals sustain in slip and fall cases?

Common injuries include sprained ankles, sprained wrists, broken bones, and concussions because sometimes people hit their heads.

What damages may an individual be entitled to in a slip and fall case?

They could be entitled to payments for any damages. That could include any future or past time off from work, future or past pain and suffering, medical expenses, or even loss of retirement or pension benefits. It all depends.

How are the damages determined in a slip and fall case?

Your lost wages are determined by time sheets from your employer documenting the time you left from work plus your compensation. Your past medical bills are determined by providing medical bills from any doctor or medical professional that you saw for treatment. Pain and suffering is determined by either a judge or a jury based on the extent of your injuries. They determine that based on your medical records, your court testimony, and the way you can articulate how this action has affected your life. Any future damages are based upon what your doctor testifies to at the deposition.

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